Gwen McCutcheon
Gwen McCutcheon


Our Business

We have provided transcripts since 1985 to universities, government agencies, market research firms, and small businesses. Transcripts have been prepared for recorded interviews, focus groups, webinars, commissions, hearings, and meetings.

Providing our services to support your organization’s success, and your life’s work, is what we do best. We are your right hand when you need us.

We have strong relationships with all of our clients, and we appreciate the work that you do and the business that you send us.

Gwen, Our Founder and CEO

I built Premium Business Services from the ground up. I founded the business in 1985 and hand-picked 25 educated and motivated individuals with 180+ years’ combined experience to provide excellent services. I have enjoyed long-term relationships, some over 20 years in length, with my transcriptionists and my clients. One of my strengths is providing individualized, personal attention to every client.

Thank you for years and years of being a great partner in our research endeavors. We appreciate you and your team so very much. We know all your great work does not get done automatically. Good people across your organization make it happen with skill and thoughtful effort every day! Thank you!”

“You and I have collaborated for many years, and I’m grateful for your timely services and unwavering collegiality.